River Rogues

How did bootleggers end up with pirates’ stolen treasure?

And who murdered the nicest man in the village?

Intrigued by a document discovered by a local man, Steve and Jill agree to hunt for a British payroll that was stolen by river pirates at the end of the War of 1812.  A series of searches and dives uncovers evidence that they are on the right track and retrieval seems certain…

…unless a needy drug addict can implement his dangerous and deadly plan to steal it from them first.

In the village, police investigators work against an ever-shrinking deadline to identify the killer of a community stalwart. All of their efforts seem stymied until an unlikely source turns up the murder weapon…

…and a suspect. When social media and new clues turn the case on its head, Jill comes up with a plan to flush out the real killer. And the

plan works…

…until the killer figures out what is going on.

You’ll love this contemporary thriller because everyone enjoys solving an old mystery about treasure and a current one about murder.