Better With Age

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Do you find unsolved historical mysteries intriguing?  Mysteries like who really ordered Booth to assassinate Lincoln?  The murder of the Hermit of Maple Island?  Who stole the Irish Crown Jewels?  Where did the missing sailors of the Lost Channel end up?  And how did a stolen War of 1812 British payroll end up in the hands of bootleggers?

Author John Lefevere finds these unsolved enigmas fascinating and has crafted a trilogy in his “A 1000 Islands Novel” series in which his protagonists try to solve them, while also fending off terrorists, scamsters and just plain nasty people.

The series is available on Amazon at https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B078MRL6HC   And now, you can access it for free on Kindle Unlimited.

You can follow John on Facebook at John_Lefevere_Author and you may contact him at john@johnlefevere.com

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