Deep River Deception

Deep River Deception

What if a video of you confessing to a lie went viral?What if the video looks like you, but isn’t you?

Having barely survived a traumatic incident during a Revolutionary War archeological dig, historical mystery sleuth Jill Stone and her husband Steve want only to return to a normal life with their new babies. But just as things start to settle down in their idyllic Thousand Islands village, scandalous videos go viral implicating the couple in a fraud.  

As Jill and Steve struggle with the public outcry over the scandalous videos and their search for the cyber culprit, Jill uncovers an historical mystery about a river pirate. But her investigation is disrupted by a mysterious local man who begins to execute his plans for criminal activities…and sets a treacherous trap for Jill.  

Will Jill fall into his trap?  Will Steve be able to warn her in time?

Buy it now to see if Jill can survive…

…and who created the scandalous videos

…and why.